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Can I Enroll In A Single Course?

This session is stand alone, similar to “Webinars”. If you have the background knowledge requirements and you score above 75% at the pre-registration quiz, you do not need to register for any other sessions.

How Much Do I Have To Pay?

The regular fee for the two day session is £150. For this session, the reduced fee is £130 if registration is done before the due date.

An early registration offer of 20% off the regular fee or as posted is also available.

For group registration, special rates per participant are also available. For more information, contact the 21CE team.

What Background Knowledge Is Necessary?

An understanding of the theories of Multiple Intelligences and the Multiple Learning Styles is necessary to be successful in completing the course.

Individual sessions on these topics are also available. Please check available dates and sessions under “Webinars”.

What Is The Refund Policy?

Once registration went through, no refund is available.  A credit can be offered though, for other sessions, depending on individual circumstances.

Before deciding whether to register for a course or webinar or not, please check the dates and times they are offered at and confirm that you will be available for attending the sessions and tutorials and complete the work before the deadlines. 

If unsure, or you need more information, the 21 CE team is always there to help out.