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Do you prefer to learn at your own pace?

OR do you like to attend in-person classes?

21st Century Educators offers you the option that works best for you, with just a click of the mouse.

Who We Are

Our experienced team of educators, facilitators and researchers will help you find the right course or session to cater to your specific needs, puts together the Newsletter, writes blogs and records the Podcasts.

Get Your certificate

All participants in webinars will receive a “Participation Certificate” after the session. 

Those registered for courses (online or in person) will receive a “Certificate of Completion” upon successful completion of each Module. 

Learn from Everywhere

Accessing your course work, the Podcast, blog or the Newsletter can be done from anywhere you happen to be.

Our Promise of excellence

We've been providing education for 25+ years

Why Should You Take Our Courses

The Latest training methods To help you become a leader in your field

Whether you are just starting your career as an educator or only looking for new ideas, 

21st Century Educators is the place to go to

Online Courses

Online courses that allow you to work around your schedule

In-person classes & Training

In-person sessions, to help you connect with the community

Stand Alone sessions

Individual webinars to cater to your immediate needs and interests


Online resources, podcast sessions, blog or newsletter at your fingertips

Frequently asked questions

If you can't find your answer here, Reach out to Us by email
How Can I Register for Online Courses

There are several options to register for the courses, the most popular one is by clicking on the course link.  That will take you to the course block where you will find information about prices, dates and other useful information.

Other options are:

• Send an email to the 21st Century Educators team with your contact information and course preference. You will receive a confirmation email back within 24 hours, with registration instructions.

• Choose your course from the dropdown list and follow the directions.

The same applies for registration for stand-alone webinars.

Can I Register Only for One Module

You can only register for modules that you have the “prerequisites” for. 

For example, if you want to register for Module 2, you must have either taken Module 1 and obtained the certificate or you have passed the quiz by scoring at least 80%.

How Can I Access Old Sessions of Podcasts

Those registered with 21st Century Educators will have free access to the most current podcast recordings for a month.  After that, an access fee will be charged.

All sessions will be archived and will become available by special request. 

How Can I Get a Copy of the Newsletter

Register your email address with the 21st Century Educators team and you will receive the newsletter by e-mail as soon as it becomes available.  Older issues will be archived.

The newsletter is free.

How Can I Book Individual Sessions

All webinars can be booked individually by sending an email to the 21st Century Educators team. Make sure you include your contact information: email address, full name, payment preference and sessions you want to register for, as well as several preferred dates. 

There are discounts of up to 20% for registering for multiple sessions or for groups (more than 5 people from the same institution).

Depending on preference, webinars can be offered in-person (for groups, at their workplace) or online. 

Please allow 24 hours for a reply.  Bookings will be made depending on availability.

What Payment Methods are Available

Payment can be made with a credit card using PayPal, Google Pay or by bank transfer.

For every course or session you register for, you will be sent an invoice with instructions for payment. All courses and webinars fees include VAT.