New sessions coming September 2022

Fresh off the press! Check out the list of sessions available in September.  For details on each topic, click on Webinars.  Registrations start 1st August.

Planning your lesson judiciously or teaching “off the cuff”

If you do like to try the spontaneous, off the cuff “lesson plan” but you’re not sure how to do it, Maria will share her stories of going with the flow and how she turned the “distraction” and “out of turn question” into an amazing, albeit unplanned, lesson. 90 minutes; £50 per participant

Internet resources: a dime a dozen. Finding the right online resources for your classroom

In this 90 minute session, Maria will provide you with a list of tired and used (and reused) resources that you will truly be able to use “as is” and that will provide you with extra teaching materials at your fingertips.  90 minutes; £50 per participant

How to get our learners to (re)join the bandwagon: engaging your learners to “return to school”

In this session, Maria will help you identify reasons why learners resist and oppose restaging their lives past COVID and how to find solutions to overcome them together, as a team. 90 minutes; £50 per participant

The rule of thumb of teaching: the teacher is ALWAYS right; but are we?!

In this session, Maria will share stories from her almost 3 decades long teaching career that helped her learners overcome the challenges of learning (not just English) and how she prepared them for the challenges and life after school. 90 minutes; £50 per participant

Every teacher worth their salt will know how to… (or what to do when we draw a blank in the classroom)

As teachers, we are not infallible and we do not have to save face when we don’t remember how to spell “onomatopoeia” or the year of the Norman invasion.  Engaging our learners in the learning process and asking them to help out, will not lower their respect for us; on the contrary, will build the rapport that every teacher strives to obtain in the classroom.  Showing them that sometimes we don’t “know-it-all” will empower them to ask for help when they need it most so, they too are brave enough to want to help others in return. 90 minutes; £50 per participant